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Create your own journey

More adventurous travellers will find it delightful to create their own journey. This way you yourself can determine how your safari will be. Do you choose all the highlights or do you perhaps wish to see somewhat more of the country? And what kind of overnight stays do you choose?

If you have always wanted to experience how it is to camp out in the wilderness, a camping safari is really a must. If you prefer somewhat more luxury you can opt for relatively simple lodges. If you really want to be spoiled, we will arrange luxurious accommodations for you. Another option is interrupting the camping safari with a night in a lodge. But maybe you just want to make your safari as cheap as possible. For Tanzaniasafaritour you are the one who decides, and, together with Dawson, I will get it done. .

Creating your own journey means that you travel with your own company. One of the advantages, of course, is that you do not have to allow for others. If you encounter something interesting on the way you need not discuss with anyone whether to stop or how long for. During the game drives also, the guide stops wherever you want. Maybe you want to take plenty of time to see that one particular leopard descend from the tree, or you can’t stop watching that group of lions from close by. But perhaps you are more interested in all those beautiful types of birds. It is up to you!

Just let us know what your wishes are and maybe also your budget. And we will set to work for you, without obligation. Of course we will advise you or make suggestions, if you so desire.