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Who are we

My name is Mary Klopper and together with Dawson I have started Tanzaniasafaritour. We went to Tanzania for the first time in 2005 and Dawson was our driver/guide. We immediately got the “Africa feeling” and this was the moment our passion for this beautiful country surfaced. After having enjoyed the game parks tremendously that first time, we decided that it would not be the last. We therefore went back several times, but on those occasions we wanted to see more of the country itself.

To make this possible we asked Dawson for his help. We had remained in touch with him and I asked him to organize our private safaris and he did so perfectly. This gave us the idea to found Tanzaniasafaritour together, so that more tourists could make use of this opportunity. After having bought a landrover we could achieve our plans.

Our travel activities are organized into a non-profit foundation. All the profit will go straight to Tanzania. This way Dawson and his family will have a better future. Because he now has a better income, he in his turn helps family and friend to, for instance, follow an education. Nowadays, at busy times, there are multiple cars with drivers employed for Tanzaniasafaritour, allowing us to increase imployment in Tanzania.

In 2007, we invited Dawson to stay with us in the Netherlands. This way he could get acquainted with our culture. It sometimes was quite surprising for both parties, but also particularly enriching and educational. This way Dawson got a better insight in our culture and now has a better understanding of some of our ideas.