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Wonderful trip

March 17, 2011

Wonderful trip

I had the good fortune to travel for a one week safari with Dawson in March this year. It was a wonderful experience.

Dawson is a fantastic guide with a wealth of local knowledge who strives to ensure that his guests get as much as they can from their safari experience. We discovered that he is also very well respected by the other guides (who rely on his skills to help out when they enounter problems). His generosity extended to passing by his home to collect his binoculars so that we could use them on our trip.

I was very impressed by the effort Dawson makes to ensure that everyone is able to see as many animals as possible, whilst maintaining a respect for the animals and not harrassing them (unlike some of the other guides/drivers).

Once he knew we were interested in eating local food rather than tourist fare, he made every effort to see that we had a great local selection to taste. Combined with his sense of humour and caring nature, we were very well looked after and thouroughly enjoyed our time in his company.

I can't recommend a trip with Dawson highly enough and I'm looking forward to another trip with him next year.